Favorite Korean Drama Actors.

This list is a compilation of all my favorite korean drama actors soon I will make a list of my favorite actresses so look out for that. I have also listed the dramas that I watched from these actors. I am listing them in no particular order but my utmost favorite actor right now is….. Ji Chang Wook and Nam Joo Hyuk is coming in as a close second whit his new drama ” Bride of the water god.” There are many others actors that I love to watch but these are the ones I remember right now. Comment your favorite Korean Drama Actors!!

#1 Ji Chang-wook

He has acted in : Healer, Love in Trouble, The K2, Fabricated City.

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The following will be listed in no particular order.

Ha Seok-jin

Acted in : 1% of something

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Yoon Sang-hyun

Acted in :Secret Garden, Shopping King Louis

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Kim Young-kwang

Acted in: Go Ho’s Starry Night, Kara Secret Love, Love Rain

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Gong Yoo

Acted in: Coffee Prince, Goblin ,

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Nam Joo-hyuk

Acted in: School 2015, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, The bride of the water god

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Park Hyung-sik

Acted in : Heirs, Strong woman Do Bong Soo

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Ji Soo

Acted in: Cheer Up, Strong woman Do Bong Soo

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Kim Woo-bin

Acted in: Heirs, Uncontrollably Fond,

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