Favorite Dramas 2016

Here are 5 of my best picks of dramas for 2016. These dramas are ones which I managed to finish since they were so great. I did watch other dramas during 2016 but I was not able to finish them. This list is in no particular order. I highly recommend this dramas to anyone they were really good to watch. The first 3 are Korean Dramas and the Last 2 are Chinese Dramas.

#1 Another Oh Hae Young

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Two women working in the same industry with the same name and keeps getting entangled in each other’s lives. “Pretty Oh Hae Young” was always remembered and seemed to have the perfect life While the other Oh Hae Young was living a normal life with ups and downs not so perfect. Pretty Oh Hea Young seem to always get entangled into the other Oh Hea Young’s Life even in her love life.

This drama was very funny, emotional and will definitely keep you interested  until the end also great actors.

#2 Uncontrollable Fond

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Two people reunite with each other the leading man becomes an arrogant actor and the leading lady becomes a documentarian. They soon fall in love and he asks her to film his documentary. eventually finds out that the leading man has cancer. this drama was a very beautiful melodrama very emotional.

#3 The K2

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This drama is more of a action almost serious but not too serious type of drama. Starring Ji Chang Wook started out as a fugitive and then became a personal body guard to the presidential candidates wife. Eventually he falls for the hidden daughter of the candidate and begins to protect her.

This drama was amazing i loved every thing about it i was completely glued to the screen the entire time.

#4 Love 020

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This is probably the closest I will every get to watching a historical drama. This drama was about two students met eachother in an online game based in the historical theme. they soon meet eachother in real life. The two of them are acctually the strongest players in the game. This drama has amazing chemistry between the two people and it really keeps you interested and its also nice and long.

#5 My Amazing Boyfriend

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Chinese supernatural type of drama about a guy who was awakened by a girls blood and because of that he was somehow connected to her. Soon they end up leaving together because he has now where to go and then obviously they fall in love and helps stop people from finding out his secret.