Curry Buns

While scrolling through youtube I watched a video by this youtuber sharmander who is a youtuber that I watch often she and her friend tried out the recipe and I took most the recipe from there but the youtuber which they got it from has really nice video quality and is just really nice to watch. All the videos on there are really nice and seems simple.

When I saw this I immediately said ” I must try this!!” she linked the video of where she got her recipe from here which has many different recipes that looks great and I also want to try so look out for some more try outs from there on my blog. I baked it and used a normal pizza dough. it was delicious.

This is how mine came out

It was a bit white but the dough was well cooked and very tasty. It tasted a lot better when it got cool. I am so happy that I tried it. I’m always looking for easy different recipes to do for lunch once in a while #greatfind 🙂 . They were quite big and filled me up quickly which was great since i had it for lunch.


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