Ginger bread cookies

I have never had ginger bread cookies so when I saw this recipe and I had all the ingredients i decided to try it out.

The recipe I followed was on this web site

While making this I didn’t use an electric mixer there for the oil and sugar mixture didn’t get “nice and light”. Also I used canola  oil instead of coconut oil and normal brown sugar. For the addition of molasses i used mostly honey and a small dash of black strap molasses since that’s what I had. When it had to become a dough it was quite sticky and unable to form into anything so I added more flour…..All in all it came out okay maybe not the way it was supposed to. It was nice had a little doughy taste but other than that my family enjoyed it. ^_^

Here’s how mine came out


It made the house smell delicious 🙂


Sugar Cookies for my valentine

I acquired this recipe from someone on pinterest [ ]

I added extra flour when forming the dough in to a ball because it was quite sticky and unmanageable. All in all it came out great and P.S my valentine loved it 🙂 . For the icing I started with 2 cups of the powdered sugar and added in the rest as I went along and it was way too much for the amount to cookies that I made.  Also I also substituted the  soy milk with “oat milk” you can check out that recipe on youtube here [ ] .

This is how mine came out

edited cookie

Really good I was very happy with it even though it wasn’t as thin as the picture but I like the thickness of this one.

My valentine was surprised when I said to him that the cookies were vegan 😀 he couldn’t believe it.