Cranberry Rug

This “pie” use to have a recipe which my mom gave me but over time it got lost so I just did whatever. With that said…this recipe is not legit because I just winged it. It came out pretty good if I say so myself. The only problem is that the crust was not together enough so maybe it could have a bit more oil. Also I didn’t document precise measurements  but you can just use the ingredients and figure it out…one day i will create an updated version of this with better every thing and maybe you guess could tell me how you did it.  I really enjoy this pie btw. 🙂


  • straight out of the oven…top view
  • IMG-20160125-WA0004IMG-20160125-WA0005
  • Clean slice IMG-20160125-WA0002
  • A view of the cranberry center

Ingredients used in this “rug”


  • Oats
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla essence
  • Cinnimon
  • oil


  • Can of Cranberry Sauce ( not full liquid just a little jelly like)


Mix in all the ingredients for the crust make enough for the bottom and top layer. Do not add too much sugar just maybe a spoon full. Remember to Grease your baking pan. After you lay down the first layer add in the cranberry ( you can put in a grated apple to the filling). Then add the top layer of crust.  the oil is necessary to allow the crust to stick together.  Bake for 20mins. Let cool. Enjoy!



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