Potato Wedges Recipe


Step 1: Cut up potatoes into wedges or any way you like.


Step 2: make a brine or salt and water mixture.


Step 3: Let the potato wedges soak in the salt and water for a few minutes.


Step 4: Remove from brine and let it dry  on a sheet of paper towel.


Step 5: Fill some oil into a frying pan.


Step 6: When you are done with your desired amount of oil place it on the fire let the oil get hot befor you put the potato wedges in.


Step 7: When oil is hot enough place your potato wedges in. Becareful not to burn yourself!


Step 8: When they are nice and golden scoup them out onto some paper towels to drain some of the oil. And that’s the finished product.

Enjoy! 🙂


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