Pumpkin Pie

I have never eaten a pumpkin pie until now. I have always wanted to try it but never got the chance. I found a recipe on a YouTube video and blog called “the edgy vegan”. I switched up some of the ingredients to what I had at home. In the end it was still delicious and my siblings enjoyed it.

This is how mine came out

The ingredients that I changed based on the recipe are as follows.

For the crust I used whole wheat flour and margarine ( instead of all purpose flour and vegan butter)

For filling I used real pumpkin, honey (in place of maple syrup), fresh coconut milk ( in place of almond milk), normal sugar, arrow root (in place of cornstarch), olive oil (in place of coconut oil) and no pink salt i don’t know what that is anyway.

When rolling out the crust I didn’t have wax paper so i just used foil. Also I made the crust by hand and blend the filling in a normal blender.

The only reason I changed the ingredients is because I didn’t have the ingredients. The crust was delicious even with the wheat flour.

Maybe the next time I make it I’ll try it with whipped cream 🙂 .


Cranberry Rug

This “pie” use to have a recipe which my mom gave me but over time it got lost so I just did whatever. With that said…this recipe is not legit because I just winged it. It came out pretty good if I say so myself. The only problem is that the crust was not together enough so maybe it could have a bit more oil. Also I didn’t document precise measurements  but you can just use the ingredients and figure it out…one day i will create an updated version of this with better every thing and maybe you guess could tell me how you did it.  I really enjoy this pie btw. 🙂


  • straight out of the oven…top view
  • IMG-20160125-WA0004IMG-20160125-WA0005
  • Clean slice IMG-20160125-WA0002
  • A view of the cranberry center

Ingredients used in this “rug”


  • Oats
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla essence
  • Cinnimon
  • oil


  • Can of Cranberry Sauce ( not full liquid just a little jelly like)


Mix in all the ingredients for the crust make enough for the bottom and top layer. Do not add too much sugar just maybe a spoon full. Remember to Grease your baking pan. After you lay down the first layer add in the cranberry ( you can put in a grated apple to the filling). Then add the top layer of crust.  the oil is necessary to allow the crust to stick together.  Bake for 20mins. Let cool. Enjoy!


Potato Wedges Recipe


Step 1: Cut up potatoes into wedges or any way you like.


Step 2: make a brine or salt and water mixture.


Step 3: Let the potato wedges soak in the salt and water for a few minutes.


Step 4: Remove from brine and let it dry  on a sheet of paper towel.


Step 5: Fill some oil into a frying pan.


Step 6: When you are done with your desired amount of oil place it on the fire let the oil get hot befor you put the potato wedges in.


Step 7: When oil is hot enough place your potato wedges in. Becareful not to burn yourself!


Step 8: When they are nice and golden scoup them out onto some paper towels to drain some of the oil. And that’s the finished product.

Enjoy! 🙂

Secret Place

I believe every one has a place in their mind that they wish they could find. Maybe some of you have found that place and some still searching or wishing it exists.

My secret place is one where I could see the full sky. Dark enough to see the fullest of stars and an abundant of shooting stars. A place where I can see the sun set and rise. Where I can go to see the fireworks at its best. Nice calm nature…

To be able to think in peace and get away from the world for a moment forget about your troubles, fears and thoughts…and just… Breathe.IMG-20151101-WA0001

*The beach at sunset ♥

Love the rain

Hi there

It has been raining a lot lately I like to think of it as Caribbean snow. I often shower in the rain. I like the sound, the smell, the atmosphere when it rains and just the rain itself. The only downfall of a rainy day is that the sky becomes to cloudy for beautiful sunsets and star gazing.

I have been under the weather today because of the common cold but I’ve been fighting it. I went into town to get some stuff done. Even if its raining the sun is jus blazing hot here. I love living in St. Lucia but omg the sun -_-  its about to knock me out sometimes. Its cool at night because of the rain so that’s a plus makes me feel like its winter even though there’s no winter here.

Eventually I’ll try to put up some pics of St. Lucia on this blog when I take some cool images. I want to incorporate pictures in this blog as the time goes by.

🙂 If you can’t catch a wave then you never gonna ride it – a line from a song in the movie spirit stallion of the crimson

This “pointless” blog

Yes I called my own blog pointless. why? Because I have decided to jus make this be a place for my thoughts. I used to have a book where I wrote different pointless stories that came to mind. Whether it was based on real life or not. I also had a diary that I titled each day as writing to “dear whomever” it could be the future me or someone that comes across this and decides to read it. It also makes it more interesting to write every day if you believe that you are writing to someone.

9 facts about me

  • I am 18 going on 19
  • I am a leo born August 20th
  • My favourite colour varies but I just say its red  I like mostly all colours
  • I live in 1 of the Caribbean islands
  • I am the last of 4 siblings
  • My nails grow pretty long
  • I don’t know my height but maybe 5″3
  • I laugh a lot
  • I am a young woman

20 facts are way to many maybe one day I’ll find some more to add to the list.


Being alone

In the beginning you are alone, you become comfortable with being alone then you meet people who make you forget what it was like to be alone….and the leave and it begins again.

Loneliness is like a cycle eventually you will become accustom to it. Its not bad to be alone its also not bad to like being alone. At the end of it all when every one leaves all you have is yourself so its best you get to know yourself and be comfortable with yourself.

In your opinion do you think its better to be surrounded with people all the time or to be surrounded with your self ( well as long as it doesn’t become a mental issue)? In my life I have had to become comfortable with being alone and it has taught me to be sort of free if that makes any sense.

The point of all of this I guess is just be comfortable with being alone sometimes it may be the best medicine.

  • 🙂

New year and hopefully New me

Leaving school has forced me to become an adult. I left school earlier last year, it was fun for a moment without all the stress from exams and all…but then it became real it now became the stress of life.

2016 will hopefully be the starting of my life as an adult and I hope to continue to document it in this blog. I have nothing in mind to write about daily or even right at this moment but I believe that it is always good to leave paper trails to look back on. I am in a process of finding myself as most people seem to be struggling with…those things take time.

My “new year resolution”

-Get a job

-Get more interesting things to blog about

-Continue this blog

-Build confidence

-Build my self

That’s all I have came up with so far. 🙂